Bugatti & Ale Launch Party

Prescott Ales is proud to supply the prestigious Noel Arms Country Hotel with a range of exclusive real ales.

Prescott had been supplying the hotel for several months with its National Award Winning Hill Climb, when the hotel manager Andrew Paul suggested strengthening the relationship by designing a range of ales for the hotel, aptly named “Noel Arms”. The range is comprised of an IPA at 3.8%, a fruity best bitter at 4.4% and a strong malty ale at 5.2%. Andrew’s idea was to closely link to a well-known brewery that could supply a range of quality ales to suit the changing of the seasons, as well as the discerning taste of the Noel Arms’ customers.

Bugatti and ale launch party - please click for larger imageTo celebrate the launch of the new range, Prescott Ales really pulled out the stops by donating beer to ensure the evening went well, as well as organising a pair of magnificent Bugatti classic cars (a Bugatti Brescia 1925, alongside a wonderful Bugatti T50) which actually raced at the very first Prescott Hill Climb event over 75 years ago. Additionally the Mayor of the town, Chris Jones, and a local band of Morris men danced to help get the party into full swing.

Shown to the left, Andrew Paul says “Cheers” whilst admiring the magnificent Bugatti T50, a 5 litre supercharged classic.

Prescott Ales would like to thank the Bugatti Owners Club for their kind support in supporting the event.