Prescott: Proud to Brew with Local British Hops


On Wednesday the 4th of September, Prescott Brewery sent a crack team to the Charles Faram’s Annual Hop Walk near Malvern in Worcestershire.

The Hop Walk is a wonderful annual event where the brewery team get let out of the Mash-Tun to survey the wonders of the 2013 Hop Crop. This year was no let down with an informative review of the world and UK Hop markets, with useful insights into new varieties being cultivated, and of course a small chance to sample a pint or two with local beers made with only UK hops. It was enough to make you proud to be British.

Here at Prescott Ales we are delighted to use many British Hop varieties in our ales, with classics such as Fuggle, Golding, Bramling Cross and Challenger to name but a few. Prescott’s Head Brewer James Bubb commented that we use over 10 varieties of British hops in our beers and many of them come from within 25 miles of our Cheltenham based brewery.

So cheers to British Hops!