Pumps Primed for Super 6 Craft Ales


Prescott Brewery is set to launch an all new range of Craft Ales, aptly named “Super-6”, a term often used to describe classic six cylinder cars.

With our strong motoring links Prescott Ales have captured Super-6 with a high impact logo proudly mounted on a classic 1950s Petrol Pump, which is primed and now ready to dispense more glorious “Great British Lubricants”.


As the name suggests there will be 6 Craft Ales per year, and each year a completely new range of Super-6 will be skilfully developed by our brewery team. The aim is to keep interest high and the range continually developing to provide a distinct offer of unique and unusual beers styles. This creativity is important to attract interest in the Craft Ale sector which has been growing in popularity in recent years, and now Prescott Ales is proud to be part of this movement.

James Bubb, Head Brewer at Prescott Ales commented that being able to launch new beers frequently will keep us pushing the boundaries and searching for those interesting and more complex flavours found in Craft Ales around the world. We have been preparing for this range for over 8 months running small trial batches to ensure we deliver exceptional beers from the start.
Production batches will be kept low to one or two brews, hoping to keep interest and demand high; so when they’re gone, they’re gone!

James goes on to say that in the remainder of 2015 we will launch an American IPA, Red Rye and Nut Brown Ale to mention just a few. ABV’s will be slightly stronger than our core range at 4.8 to 6% and we will use some powerful Alfa hops to really express a signature taste in these unique craft ales.

Our First Super-6, No1, will be a Bold Black IPA 6%, with massive hop flavours, dark black in colour with a surprisingly light and malty finish. To achieve this unusual beer style we secured hops from USA and New Zealand, where sunshine hours really pack a punch into these mouth watering citrus based hops. This Ale will be available from April the 1st 2015.

In time Prescott aim to make the Super Six available in bottles and cans to increase interest and the growing off-trade market through select specialist outlets.

For more information on our new range please contact us at info@prescottales.co.uk, or check here to see where our new range is being stocked.