Seasonal Ales

To reflect the changing of the seasons we have created our limited edition Season’s Best ales. Our range calls upon interesting flavours to evoke that seasonal feeling such as hints of vanilla, chocolate and blackberry

Our Seasonal Ales are strictly limited edition, so when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Season’s Best

ABV 4.0%
Hoppy ale
Available: March to May

Our remarkably full flavoured, fruity and zesty pale ale with a big hop kick is the perfect Springtime brew.

Pale Straw
Summer Seasons Best 2018 pump
Season’s Best

ABV 4.2%
American Pale Ale
Available: June to August

The sweet taste of summer is here at last; an all-American affair, with our wonderful summer IPA.

Pale Straw
Season’s Best

ABV 4.2%
Amber bitter
Available: September to November

Fruity and well balanced, this ale helps to warm the heart as we approach winter. A fresh yet warming seasonal ale.

Season’s Best

ABV 4.2%
Ruby stout
Available: December to February

Specially brewed for the winter months; with just a hint of vanilla, a smooth and deliciously rich Ruby Stout.

Dark Ruby