Our Brewing Process

1 - Mashing / Sparging

Crushed grains infused with hot water creates “brewer’s liquor”. This process extracts the sugars needed that will be used later in the fermentation process. Prescott skillfully blend over 10 different malts to create a unique malt base, the foundation for great beer.

2 - The Boil

Boiling our hot water, now packed with natural sugars, creates “brewer’s wort” which is the sweet tasting basis of our ale. Boiling our wort also ensures our beer is sterile and prepared for adding lots of glorious hops during the next stage.

3 - Hops

Malt flavours are heavily complemented by a wide range of hops that provide both bitterness and aroma. Hops are added either during the boil for bitterness or after the boil for aroma. Hops bring pine, citrus, and fruit flavours in abundance.

4 - Fermentation

Turning all our wonderful malt hops and water flavours into ale requires yeast. This is a truly magical process where the yeast consumes the sugars, creating alcohol. The yeast itself regenerates 10 times its original volume, leaving plenty to be collected and reused for the next brew.

5 - Enjoy the perfect Prescott pint!